Déjà vu All Over Again

I am hearing Sam Brownback asking for ideas for the school finance formula.  He is using the right words: “innovation; stable funding; more money to the classroom; taking care of our most important asset.”  He is saying he wants to find a permanent solution to the problem that has vexed Kansas politics for decades.

While Sam Brownback is in the news lately for such comments, the CONVERSATION that I am hearing occurred eight  years ago in the office of then Senator Brownback.  He was asking a group of county commissioners for our recommendations for addressing Kansas’  school finance formula.  He was preparing to run for Governor and he said that he sincerely wanted to be able to solve the school funding issue once and for all.
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Why Mainstream?

(My comments to Mainstream Coalition’s
“Restore Sanity to Kansas Luncheon” 5/4/2016)

As most of you know, my background includes five years as a Fairway City Councilman, nine years as Mayor of Fairway, and twelve years as a Johnson County Commissioner.  I am a Democrat except for one time when I registered as a Republican to stop Finn Bullers (of The Kansas City Star) from reporting on me as the only Democrat on the county commission.  When I became mayor, the challenge was stopping the spread of urban blight.  When I became a county commissioner, we faced the challenge of transforming county government into a modern professional form of governance under a new charter.

I use the term “we” advisedly, it took everyone doing their part and working together to meet the challenges.
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Budget Blog #2

On Friday, the Board of County Commissioners completed its review of county departments and their respective requests for funding in next year’s budget. It is clear from the initial review in two departments that we are reaping the results of cost-cutting without thought to our future.


One of the diverse functions of county government is providing for citizens to exercise their right to vote. Johnson County has long been a leader in technology and advance voting. Yet our voting machines are over 20 years old. We know that an investment of over $12 million will be needed to handle elections in the future. However, because of cost cutting, we have abandoned a program to set aside money for funding this future need. Despite the requests of our Election Commissioner, budgets for the past four years have failed to include funds to prepare us. We are approaching a critical decision point with no adequate funding identified.

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Budget Blog #1

Last week, the Board of County Commissioners began work on the budget for 2015. We start this process with a proposed budget from the county manager. Even at this early stage, it is readily apparent that the austerity practices of recent years are jeopardizing our ability to address issues of the future.

We can’t meet current needs through natural growth.

In 2013 the county experienced a refreshing rebound in the real estate market with growth in value of more than 5%. Compared to the growth in the consumer price index (3%) that increase in appraised value looks pretty strong. That growth in value means county government will receive about $8 million more in tax revenue for its general fund.

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